Sunday, April 17, 2016

Guardian at the Threshold

An artist agonizes before a blank canvas, not wanting to risk that first stroke of bold color. Her friend stays in a soul~numbing job long after she knows she should leave. And their neighbor avoids a difficult conversation with a loved one, denying his discontent while telling himself that all is well.
All three are stymied by what has been called The Guardian at the Threshold of Change. Something beckons, yet they are immobilized. Most of us have been there. We may have doubted our instincts, or felt unworthy to reach for what we wanted. Or perhaps we were frightened of the unforeseen ripples a step forward might set in motion.
So, we avoided. We procrastinated. Perhaps we even lied to ourselves about the truth of our need. While such responses are common and an important part of the process of growth, if we remain in this stage too long, our lives shrink and soulful experience eludes us.
So how do we not let our inner demons of fear, insecurity or complacency sap our life force and bind us to old ways that no longer serve? A clue lies in the etymology of the word demon. It comes from the Greek daemon which, surprisingly, means protective spirit or guardian. 

Is it possible that our inner demons could be transformed into helpers? Might they become allies, rather than foes blocking the gate of forward movement? They can, but only if we turn to face them. We must then quiet ourselves, listen, and trust in the guidance that will come. If we need to leap, they will tell us. If prudent planning is called for, they will aid us in determining the necessary steps. And if it is not yet time to act, we will know that, too, and wait~~not in avoidance, but in trust~~for the time to ripen.
As the artist above listens, for example, she may grow willing to let go of her ego’s need to make a great painting, and instead allow creativity to sweep her into unchartered territory. And as her friend and neighbor turn toward their fear, it might transmute into caution. They will then be better able to determine and enact the most appropriate course of action to meet their respective challenges.
There is a dynamic tension between our desire to move forward and our wish to remain with what is known. When both are respected and allowed a voice, wisdom~~the ability to discern truly what is called for~~arises.

Soulful living may be our intent, but the guardians at the threshold of change ask if we want it badly enough to respond when Spirit calls. If we do, those same guardians will no longer block our passage, but will be our partners as we pass through. Their sage counsel will have readied us to step into the unknown. And there we will find the vitality that comes from having said “Yes!” to that which gives us life and wants to continue shining through us out into the world.

I wish you each well as you face whatever demons you have been granted. May you recognize the daemon beneath the mask and work skillfully as the Guardian at the Threshold readies you for safe passage.


Leia Marie

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