Monday, December 15, 2008

Trust in Yourself And The Answers Will Come

Our lives can sometimes feel like tropical storms gaining speed while heading for landfall. We're buffeted by multiple demands, and things are spinning so quickly that we can barely see a path before us.

Fortunately, these storms that our lives sometimes resemble come with centers--calm eyes around which the wildness flies. We need to remember to head for that eye when things are threatening to spin out of control--preferably before! We'll find not only a stillness there, but access to valuable promptings.

I am of the belief that we are not given challenges without the ability to meet them. Whether speaking of a particular difficulty or a quest to lead a more vibrant life, we have what it takes to not only prevail, but to learn something in the process.

Intuition points us in the appropriate direction. This sixth and sorely underrated sense tells us just what is needed in a given situation, and is an essential tool at our disposal as we negotiate the rough and tumble of a human life. 

The trick is to distinguish authentic perception from wishes, fears, and the usual chatter of a busy mind. Practice, as in most things, is the key to increasing this skill.
  • Begin by nurturing the notion that you have the capacity for intuitive discernment. Yes, even you! You needn't believe wholeheartedly--accepting the possibility that intuition is available and valuable is sufficient.
  • Now set your intention to open to it and trust in it. 
  • With this resolve in place, articulate an issue that has you stymied. The clearer the question, the better sense you'll make of the guidance that comes.
  • Be alert for answers. You may need to be patient as well, for often intuition is like yeast dough and requires time to rise. 
  • When a direction suggests itself, sit with it a bit. Try it on and see how it feels against the skin of your soul. Beware of the urge to rush. Impulsive action often arises from the tumultuous periphery of a psyche rather than its sage core. 
  • Run the idea by your intellect and moral code, making sure there are no areas of legitimate conflict. Check it out with trusted others.
  • If the challenge of these steps is met, your intuition is likely true. Now enact it, remaining alert to needed modifications as you move forward.
  • But you're not done yet. Reflection is needed, for it is often in hindsight--seeing how it all played out, what worked and what didn't--that perceptive abilities become refined.
Intuition is literally a Godsend. We regularly receive inner promptings, nudging us down the path our soul requires. We often just don't listen. While the problem may be as simple as not taking the time, I think it often goes deeper than that.

I believe we frequently do know exactly what our next step needs to be. We just don't trust ourselves enough to take it. Lack of direction is not usually the problem. Fear is.

By honoring and developing our innate intuitive gifts, however, we gain skill and confidence in their appropriate use. In the process, we will also strengthen our connection to that ineffable Source from which all things flow.

So, next time you're swirling fast in the storm that somehow has become your life, get thee to the eye! And while there, trust-and enact--the guidance that will surely come.

Wishing you a week of calm centers!


Loanne Marie

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