Sunday, July 13, 2014

A New Day Dawns

When I wake a little after five, I realize today’s the day. It’s been too long since I got myself to the lake early enough to see a sunrise in all its splendor.
I dress quickly and hustle my way out the door and up the hill. The clouds, awaiting my arrival, have layered themselves perfectly. They stretch now across the sky, companionably close without crowding one another. I know this dawn will be spectacular. I am not disappointed.
The colors! No simple pinks and oranges here. No, these colors require more evocative language. Indigo, plum, fuchsia, lavender. Cerise, rose, a streak of carmine. Salmon, coral, apricot. All shifting, blending, and morphing their way east to west above me.           
What is it about a sunrise that moves me so? Certainly there is beauty, but I can catch such colors on the other side of day, after the sun slips behind the mountains. But a sunset, no matter how stunning, is quieter, an ethereal suggestion to turn inward. Sunrise invites a different response.
Light bursting out of darkness excites. All is reborn, a brilliance emanating from the snug womb of night.  It is as though each morning returns us to the season of spring. All is new, fresh. Possibilities abound, and we are urged to open to them.
During this early morning walk, I vow to do exactly that. Both my parents are now gone, my father recently so. And despite the loss, it feels like dawn, the dawn of a new era in my life. A clean start.
Who knows where this time will carry me~~or where any of us will be by nightfall on this very day? Everything awaits: joys and sorrows, events pleasant or not, unknowns longing to be experienced.
Many spiritual traditions tell us our task is to greet whatever comes with openness and a heart~felt “Yes!” My bird friends model this for me now as I turn toward home. Their voices have risen with the fiery sun into a joyous cacophony of “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
In the last few minutes, daylight has chased the vivid colors from the sky, leaving in their wake a cerulean blue dotted with white clouds of various shapes. But as I look closer, I see that labeling them “white” misses the mark, as there are subtle variations here as well. Cream. Ivory. Swirls of pearls. A hint of peach.
My eye is snagged by one particular formation. A few moments ago, it was part of an elongated cloud, but a strong westerly wind has set it free. It is snow white and cup~shaped, open end facing the day’s first rays. A celestial goblet, dipping into sunlight, scooping dawn.
That’s it! I have scooped dawn. It fills me, spills over my edges, and gives rise to this morning’s prayer...

May all our cups be filled. And may we raise them high with a resounding “Yes!” as Light overflows.
Namaste, my friends!
Loanne Marie


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this joy, Loanne. Being a night-owl, I rarely am up to greet the dawn. You make it sound delicious. It is indeed different from my beloved sun-sets, which beckon me inward to embrace and comfort me. To my list of goals I am adding "Experience the joy of sunrise". Embrace the adventure!! love ~peg

Loanne Marie said...

Ah, perhaps another convert! Admittedly sunrises can be quite difficult to catch in the summer as the colors happen well before the sun actually clears the horizon. But near the winter solstice, it's pretty easy. Of course, then one needs to leave a nice warm bed. If tain't one thing, tis another! Thanks for reading and for writing, Peg!

Katy said...

YES!!! Thank you for the wonderful reminder of what a new dawn can bring. Each moment can be the beginning of a new era~ may this day bring us all that joy and reminder of a new start in the making.
Much Gratitude and Love to you Loanne !! <3

Loanne Marie said...

I love it! Each moment a dawn dawning anew. Ah, that we may develop our ability to notice...

Thanks for reading and writing, Katy

monica wood said...

Your beautiful soul has found its outlet in your writing. I love this one.

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